S.K. Foods (Thailand) Public Company Limited

We began in 1977 as a Sardine manufacturer for the local Thai market.

Today, more than 99% of our products are exported worldwide with Japan, Australia, and the USA being our leading three markets.

Company History


Established on September 6, 1977


company on Registered as public June 8, 2005


Start construction of the new factory


Open the new factory (Chaimongkhon) on January 17, 2016


Moving forward [46 years old]

We specialize in manufacturing canned fish, from receiving and processing the raw materials to packaging the finished products, and have the capacity to process up to 175 metric tons of raw materials per day. Some of our products include canned as well as pouched tuna, mackerel, sardine, salmon, and chicken in a variety of flavors for both humans and pets.

Here at S.K. Foods, our goal is to provide our customers around the world with safe and quality food while being environmentally sustainable. We uphold our corporate responsibility to the highest of standards and take care of our employees to build and promote a positive work environment.


Be the leader of global wholesome food manufacturers.

Commitment to continuous improvement and responsibilities to our environment and communities. Put the best interest of stakeholders at forefront by emphasize sustainable success


  1. Strive for both internal and external consumers' satisfaction
  2. Deliver safe and wholesome products to the market and continuously adapt to the ever-changing market trends
  3. Incorporate new and modern technologies that are environmentally friendly
  4. Emphasize the values and talents of individuals and our team to facilitate a good working environment
  5. Build strong business allies and client relationships for the long-term mutual benefit and success
  6. Run a sound business to ensure continuous growth and profit for the shareholders
  7. Be a law-abiding company that commits itself to always be transparent and act with a sense of correctness, honor and integrity in all of its actions and affairs.
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